Sansui SJX32HB02CAW 32" HD Ready LED TV (Black)


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Quick Overview

  • HD

  • Wireless Headset Audio Mode

  • Atom Sound

  • 16.7 Million Display Colors

  • 5 Band Graphic Equalizer

  • 1 X USB 2.0 (MOVIE, JPEG, MP3)

  • 1 X HDMI

  • Easy Connect (HDMI-CEC)

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5X Protection

Wide Operating Range: Our LED TV’S can operate over wide range of input voltage (AC 90- 300V ~50/60 Hz) without external stabilizers.
Higher Efficiency: Higher efficiency (>90%) means less power dissipation & reduced electricity bills.
Indian Standard: Products are compliant with “IS 616:2010” safety standards as recommended by Govt. of INDIA.
Lightning Proof: They come with optimized Varistors in Power Supply unit. These help to withstand spikes in input supply and are specially designed to withstand lightning strikes.
Weather Proof: They are designed to endure drastic changes in climatic conditions. They can operate even at 50 ̊̊̊C and 90% humidity.


High Definition refers to a high degree of detail in an image or screen; it provides resolution and quality higher than the standard-definition


With the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs in the Sansui LEDs, you can stream high definition content from Blu-Ray players, laptops and other devices. Besides, the Sansui LEDs are optimized to process high definition content and deliver jaw-dropping picture and sound quality. Happy viewing!

1X USB 2.0 (MPEG)

Sansui LEDs Support; 720p USB With DIVx, With A Built-In USB 2.0 Slot. Enjoy The Ability To Playback High Definition Videos And Movies On Your Sansui. You Can Even View Photographs And Play Music Directly From Your Pen Drive. Other Compatible Formats; Avi, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg3, Mpeg4, Real 8/9/10, Jpeg, Mp4, Mp3.

Atom Sound

ATOM Sound provides an incredible listening experience, intensifying the emotional impact of movies and music. This preeminent breakthrough is achieved through the advanced application of ATOM's acoustic research, sophisticated audio design, convergence with digital electronics and system tuning. These elements bring about a transcendent sound with booming lows and stunning highs making your listening experience a sheer delight!

Easy Connect (HDMI CEC)

The in-built CONNECT technology empowers the Sansui LEDs to receive signals directly from the source, thus offering the best in class digital experience. Connect and share data across all audio and video devices through the HDMI cable. HDMI CEC controls components that are connected via HDMI cable with one remote. Turning components off-on, one-touch play and record are some of the features that make your entertainment hassle-free. Be it your HD set-top box, blue-ray player, game consoles, or any other device, the HDMI CEC will blend the worlds of entertainment for you.

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